Abgora (sour grape juice): Name known , Taste known. What about market?

Every nation promotes itself with something. While talking about a watch, we remember Switzerland, Turkey and China are known all over the world with the tastiest meals., “Mercedes” automobile of Germany has made an access to even the most undeveloped countries. Every country tries to protect its brand. When there was a scandal, related to famous Italian cheese “Mosarella”, prime Minister of the country had to interfere: he tasted the cheese on public.


Azerbaijan has also enough products in order to export to the world, but sometimes we are even unable to promote them not only abroad, but also in our country. “Azgranata” juice and wine production plant, situated in Agsu has begun abgora production by the industrial method for a while. Vugar Mikayılov , deputy director of the plant has responded all questions, related to this product’s sale in the market, promotion, problems.


- French people name Abgora theirs; for them, abgora, dated to 14th century is their national drink. Unfortunately, Əfsuslar olsun, small nations’ rights are vilted more and more, as well as ours. Nizami Gandjavi writes in his “Yeddi gözəl” poem:


Bir vaxt ki qoraydım, bir vaxt ki kaldım,

Onda şirin idim, elə bil baldım.

Sıxıb şirəmi də ayırardılar, 

Ondan da tutiyə qayırardılar.


The dilution, cure of more than hundreds of illness is called “tutiyə”. If “gore water”was known as “tutiyə” in the period of Nizami Gandjavi, it means, this had existed thousands of years before the great poet.


Our country is the homeland of Abgora. We must be proud of abgora, it is national drink of Azerbaijan. Our grandparents, people, lived in Baku, Shamkir had produced abgora. Sometimes, they salt abgora in order to keep for long period of time, but it is in reality bad. After being salted, abgora doesn’t decrease pressure, cure ill people. Because, salt and acid go into reaction.


- Has anyone produced abgora in Azerbaijan by the industrial method till now?


- Our plant has been marked in the history because of producing abgora by the industrial method, firstly in Azerbaijan. Some people may like it, some not — but this is the fact. Abgora is non-alcoholic drink. It is prepared of sour grapes. Our abgora is red. Abgora, prepared at home is not pasteurized, stored in 40-degree heat of the day. But, we filter abgora in 92-degree heat, close by steaming in order to both make it liquid and clean up. As we close it by steaming, it cooks. As it is cooked, it inevitably roasts. But, however it roasts, not adding salt and chemical conservant makes the product net.


Some people add caliummetabisulfit, caliumsorbat to other products. All of these are conservants. These are harmful to human organism. We have run away these all and have included nothing to abgora.


- Is abgora produced in other countries? If yes, for which purposes is it prepared?


- In Syria this is called “xushrom”. In Austria, there is a famous scientist, writing confectionery book— Meggi Birin. After printing of his book, abgora was started to be used in cockerel meal. Our grandparents had used this in cockerel, meat meals in far past. A question occurs: there is both vinegar and abgora; both of them are sour. What about difference between them? Always keep in mind one thing: vinegar causes the product to lose its taste, for example, when you add it to tainted meat, smell disappears. In contrast, if you pour abgora over tainted meat, its smell will increase. For that reason, people never add it to tainted meat. Abgora is a taste remover.


- What is curative benefit of abgora?


- It declines the pressure. It means, if you get abgora today, tomorrow our pressure will be normal. You need to drink it twice a day. 15 minutes after meal, you pour 70 gr of abgora into a glass, mix with water. You must add water in order not disaffecting people, with acid in their stomach. After mixing, acidity of the liquid becomes nearly equal to stomach acid. A person, who drinks this mixture for 40 days will escape from diabetes. You may try it. Who doesn’t escape from diabetes, whose diabetes doesn’t become normal may get the money back, given for abgora in 40 days. It is also cheap, 750 gr bottle of abgora in my hands is 2.30 AZM. It is also perfectly clean. Although, its half a liter is 10 AZM in Baku.


- May you sell your product in the market?


- Unfortunately, it has been 6 months that, I have proposed it to shops, nobody buys. Because, they don’t know what it is. We came to this decision that, for a period of time on 5 buses there will be advertisements about abgora and its curative benefit. As buses commute in the city , people will be enlightened by reading advertisements. We think of preparing special booklets in big super-markets about abgora’s benefit. People have heard so much lie and thus sometimes don’t believe written information. But, I say in all honesty that, we have never used any chemical conservant in the production of abgora. My mother also has diabetes and uses this.


- Maybe it is worth exporting abgora to foreign market?


- We sent to Georgia by asking them. A woman,named Tamara Baqraşvili had bought and drunk, as a result seen its positive effect. She ask us to send her abgora. People, drinking abgora don’t have cholesterol, abgora purifies vessels. This is used in treatment of women abroad. You may surmise that, we promote ourselves. But, I may make you sure that, there was no any material interest in doing this work. Our main goal has been getting back initiative of French people to call abgora theirs


- Abgora, prepared at home becomes white , sometimes it turns into wine, explodes as champagne. Why?


- If you don’t add salt it will sour, but if you add, it will not be curative. Because of souring, pressure arises, blows the glass. The product must have interaction with air. If we also open abgora and keep such a place, it will be back. You must protect it in the freezer.