The plant, situated in Aghsu  has an area of 8.8 hectares. The annual production capacity is 50,000 tons of fruit juice or 65 million conventional packaging. Fruit-receiving department of the plant is suitable for sorts of grapes, pomegranate, apple, pear and quince. Fruit-receiving department, some stages such as fruit-setting, cleaning, sorting, killing of unwanted micro-organisms, storage in aseptic tanks and filling into aseptic tank by condensing and bringing into concentrate state.  In the plant, 16 sorts of fruit juice are produced and offered to consumers in conventional packages. Az-Granata company offers "Vita1000"   and “+more” brands to the consumers. In the sales center, located in Baku, there is a ready products warehouse of 2 million liters.

• Az-Granata was established in 2011. After a year, it became one of the leaders of market as a brand of Vita1000 juice.

• Our brand of Leyli pomegranate juice is the best selling pomegranate juice in Russia.

• The only organic producer in Azerbaijan market.

• Fruit juice, concentrate, pomegranate sauce, compote, wine, cognac and so on. are produced.

• More than 80 products

• More than 12 distribution center within the country due to AC Nielsen’s investigation

“Az-Granata” has “+MORE” premium fruit juice for local market.

“+MORE” fruit juice was selected the best fruit juice package in “World ad of Asia” competition. “+MORE” was awarded silver medal in Pentawards 2013 world tetrapak design competition.

“Vita1000” most sold fruit juice in Azerbaijan market ( monthly sales)


•Az-Granata company has begun exportation since January , 2012. Today the number of export countries is 25.


•Az-Granata distribution centre was created. Now Az-Granata products exist in more than 10.000 sales centre.