HRM policy


HR policy of Modern Group is focused on being the best (preferred) employer, meeting modern standarts of HR management, forming corporate spirit team environment,involving young motivated professionals and specialized managers, developing themselves regularly, being result-oriented, owning highly professional and personal characteristics. 

HR Policy of Modern Group identifies main principles - human resources management policy in every aspect.  

This policy is implemented  by considering internal values and covers legal, organizational- functional, economic and socio-psychological aspects of human resources management.

Human resources management policy is formed and implemented by considering functional characteristics and needs of our companies, working in various fields. In addition, as the whole group, Modern Group HR Policy incorporates unique values, principles.  

In Modern Group, preferred (or the main) principles of effective human resources management have been mentioned below:

- Providing Modern Group with adequate human resources (at the right time, right quantity and quality);

-Providing disciplined, respectful of values, high mood and reliable collective environment;

-Creating condition for each Modern Group employee for developing his/her   personal and high professional level regularly;

- Trusting and respecting Modern Group employees,an objective assessment of their individual qualities and performance;

-Making full use of existing opportunities in order to meet material, social and moral demands of Modern Group employees, formation of  healthy and safe working environment;

-Applying subordination and open, flexible communication in parallel in management- employee relations;


- Optimal coordination of  performance of experienced and new employees, preferring succession in career growth;

- Expressing of our expectations from our staff and our offers for them clearly in advance;

-Management of human resources and coordination of labor relations, provision of our staff’s rights, protected by law.