“In order our investments in “Payment Terminals” to justify themselves, we have enough time?

“In order our investments in “Payment Terminals” to justify themselves, we have enough time?


“Modenis” LLC, owner of “eManat” payment terminals doesn’t worry about the increase in payments via the Internet.

With reference to “Technimum.com” portal, “Marja” reports that, Ruslan Talıbov, director of “Modenis” LLC doesn’t expect investment decline, as a result of increase in the number of non-cash payments:

“While approaching the issue from economic point of view, increase of payments via internet or mobile within years is not the accurate indicator of decrease in total amount of cash payments. Here besides paying attention to the reduction of cash payment , it is necessary to take heed of development of country year by year as well as the rise of the total sum of cash payment reducing its interest rate as a result of increasing GDP From another point of view, annual expansion of Bank ATM show that, there is an obvious demand for cash among people. Surely, there is gradual increase in innovations of this field and tendencies of payments via internet and thus, this leads to a positive correlation between enlargement of internet network in our country and rise in a number of people, owning bank cards. We must consider that, this tendency begins in our main cities and gradually spreads to our regions. According to our calculations, all these factors together will provide us enough time for our investments in payment terminals to justify themselves. As well, let me inform you that, our company doesn’t only evaluate market terms, but also works on projects, relevant to next tendencies- he has noted.

Ruslan Talıbov has stated that, according to internal statistics, number of uses from “eManat” payment kiosks is enough high and is going to increase day by day.


“Cartoons should be made”

Ruslan Talıbov  has said that, nowadays there must be implementations on growing people’s habit of working with devices, like cards, kiosks, ATM, etc :

“In order to improve people’s habit of working with devices not only we, but also banks realize some educational events, advertising campaigns. But, to my mind, we must generally initiate this process from kindergartens and schools and make cartoons as they do in European countries such as Poland and Sweden in order to let our children love technology from early childhood”.


Ladies worry while making payments.


The director of the company has mentioned that, a number of very serious research have been done before beginning this business:

"For example, sometimes I am asked the reason of preference to such kiosk. Let me state that, one of the main factors, affected to our choice is that, according to studies, people, especially women are concerned about the person, behind them, who is able to see their mobile number or any information of hers and usually, want to cover the screen completely. So, this has been one of the reasons of preferring such kiosks, with this size and relatively inclined screens”.


“We let cutomers make a choice”


“Modenis” has learnt practices of some countries in distribution of kiosks:

“In order to make our distribution planning effective, we have identified special criteria of kiosk distribution and place payment terminals, according to these criteria. There are such places that, there must be not only one, but also many terminals in order to get good result. Because, when there are long queues, there is a risk of losing potential customers. When it comes to the issue that, we compete with our opponents, for sure, this is a result of concisely assessed decisions. In addition, the most crucial factor of this business is to show high quality service and ensure customer satisfaction. In this meaning, we believe in ourselves and let customers make a choice. Customer decides to select whether us or our opponents”.


Let us also work online.


Ruslan Talıbov  has stated that, “eManat” will also work online. He has answered the question of , “It is clear that, you have online plans, together with offline investments. Will you have surprises in the market in this direction? ”so: “Let us keep the answer of this question secret. I only may note that, as we brought new quality standards to the sector by establishing the fastest and best system in the sphere of payment terminals, we will also try to justify these expectations in our online plans “.


“CASH OUT” doesn’t seem attractive to us.

Ruslan Talıbov has added that, "according to current calculations, because of some factors, “cash out” doesn’t seem attractive to us. Making such a decision is completely business decision and depends of assessing how effective investment will be”.