As a group of companies, having high-level recruitment, identification of long-term goals and philosophy of efficiency in order to reach the goal since the establishment, Modern Group of Companies LLC, established in 2011 is a candidate to become one of the leading companies in the country.

Modern Group of Companies creates job opportunities for more than thousands of educated people, together with contributing to the country economy by uniting companies, working in  different sectors. The group of companies, having a goal of being a leader in sectors, in which it operates such as Fruit juice and carbonated drinks production, Medical Center, textiles etc. cooperates with well-known companies of the world in fields of human resources management, increasing quality of production, improving the level of service and pays special attention to internal customer (employees)  satisfaction in order to realize future plans. 

The company, realizing 1,3 and 5 years’ strategic plans in order to achieve long-term plans and improving step by step on the way to the goal,  approaches customers as the cause of its existence and give priority to customer satisfaction.